Who We Are

The Change Consultancy was created in 2016 as a solution to a few problem areas in the world of change.


  • Changes are not always the right changes
  • Change is carried out by inexperienced project managers
  • Change workers/Project workers are paid to sit around
  • There is too much work for the project team
  • Change workers/Project workers spend time travelling


  • Organisations can spend lots of money on solutions to problems which aren’t appropriate as the staff aren’t ready for the solution, and/or the solution was not needed.
  • Money and time can be lost if the change/project manager does not get it right.
  • Sometimes project workers are unable to do any work. Projects have peaks and troughs
  • Sometimes there is too much work and it is unrealistic to hire staff so teams are overworked
  • Sometimes large portions of the day are taken up by travel and this can be inefficient and costly as costs get passed back to the clients.

What we do

  • We deploy our unique real-time data gathering products and ensure we know what needs to change. We submit reports with potential solutions and costs to your management teams.
  • We ensure all our specialists are members of the Association of Project Managers (APM) and have at least 4 years of project management experience whilst working towards formal qualifications. As an organisation we standardise our approaches ensuring we deliver a streamlined, high quality and efficient services.
  • We only charge for the work we do.
  • We provide any support service required by project/change teams.
  • We work remotely and use technology wherever possible. Of course there is nothing better than a face to face and when we see it as necessary it happens.