Tribe 365

Tribe 365 ™ is the World’s leading positive culture implementation programme.

A positive culture will:

Tribe 365 ™ is split into 3 modules; Directing Our Tribe (DOT), Connecting Our Tribe (COT), Supercharging Our Tribe (SOT):


The TRIBE 365™ Diagnostic Module is about understanding where an organization is with regards to developing a strong positive culture.


The Tribe 365 ™ DOT (Directing Our Tribe) Module is about setting direction with the Vision, Mission and Focus of the Tribe. Understanding what DNA is required from the individuals making up the Tribe.


The TRIBE 365™ COT (Connecting Our Tribe) Module is about building stronger bonds within the Tribe and releasing individual strengths; maximizing TRIBE 365™ performance.


The TRIBE 365™ SOT (Supercharging Our Tribe) Module is about understanding the TRIBE 365™ culture and implementing high motivation and continuous development cultures within Tribe teams.


£750 per person + VAT
(Typical example, 10 people = £7,500)
365 days of delivery, development and support provides thorough implementation of Tribe365™.
Taking responsibility, whilst holding accountability, ensuring success.

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