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Tribe 365™ is the world’s first “off the shelf” culture implementation programme bringing fixed structure and support to developing and enhancing a focused and shared culture within teams globally.

A focused and shared culture will:

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Company Culture

What is Culture?

Culture is the combination of a shared direction and connection within a team or group. The strongest cultures worldwide bring structure and belonging to facilitate high performance, and can be seen within the greatest organizations, sports/work teams and above all cultural tribes worldwide.

Why Tribe 365™ ?

Culture is always evolving and changing, and before you know it your team may stop performing, all because the culture is not in the right place. High performing singularly focussed teams 365 days a year are only possible if there is constant work on balancing the culture of the team. TRIBE 365™ is the key to bringing the right balance in culture to your team.

Who is TRIBE 365™ for?

TRIBE 365™ brings focus, understanding and action to setting the strongest culture for organizations, teams or individuals.

TRIBE 365™ Focus

Getting TRIBE 365™ right and balancing stronger connection with stronger direction requires constant monitoring and evaluation, the core modules are supported by regular diagnostics that reveal where the focus is needed.

TRIBE 365™ Focus

Why TRIBE 365™ ?

Focus is brought through the TRIBE 365™ Diagnostics which are run throughout the programme and show where more attention is needed to deliver high performance.

Understanding is brought through 3 core modules; Directing Our Tribe (DOT),
Connecting Our Tribe (COT), Supercharging Our Tribe (SOT).
The modules are delivered in a cycle throughout the year.

The action is brought through the tasks set throughout the programme to maximize the performance of the Tribe.

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Why TRIBE 365™

TRIBE 365™ Focus

The integration of Tribe 365 in organisation brings a huge amount of awareness in how we can perform at a much higher level. This is supported by the tools we create together they are:

Initial Tribe-o-meter report

Directing Our Tribe – Why do we exist? Who are we?

Connecting Our Tribe – How do we work together? What are our contributions?

Supercharging Our Tribe – Force multiplier…!

Tribe-O-Meter Report

TRIBE 365™ Price

Tribe 365™ Leaders: Focus, Understanding, Action£750
Tribe 365™ Members: Focus, Action£200

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