Team Building

There are a number of different exercises & activities we execute to support the development of the organisation. They are utilised through the continued process of team building. This is to ensure that a specific focus can be set with information taken in & away from the kinesthetic experience of the activity.

Experiential Learning

Team building removes the team from the familiar and comfortable, and places it into an unfamiliar, challenging, and uncomfortable environment; emotions are high and positive. Team development incorporates team activities, but they concentrate attention on the process under review, e.g. planning or problem-solving, and they are low impact.

Central to experiential learning is the Experiential Learning Cycle. It has four steps:
Step #1: the team generates an experience by deliberately doing an activity that is new, different and challenging. This is Activist learning.
Step #2: the team reflects on and reviews the experience. This is Reflector learning.
Step #3: the team makes sense of what has happened and draws conclusions from the experience. It is probable that a new approach will need to be put into practice. This is Theorist learning.
Step #4: the team plans and tests out the new approach. This is Pragmatist learning.

It is the application of the Experiential Learning Cycle that opens up and fuels discussion about team processes and how effective they are. The design of activities is such that the team can have another attempt at the activity if they wish. The Plus / Delta Review adds structure and value to the team’s discussions.

Plus / Delta Review

Outlined below is ‘plus/delta’, a team activity review process.‘Plus’ means ‘went well/keep’ and ‘Delta’, the symbol for change, means ‘didn’t work as planned/change’.

What went well?What do we keep?
What do we need to improve?What do we need to change?

Typical Processes Reviewed in Team Building

Activities Utilised

All activities are designed with a specific focus to match your needs.


*A non-adventurous session would be held using a number of the selected activities having the focus of the decided processes.