PopCourses are prescript tools to be applied when there are clear areas of development for an individual or group of individuals.

The Change Consultancy PopCourses have been developed through years of organisational development and address core areas essential to developing leaders from within the team.



Communication Assertiveness Push/Pull Styles Why? Experienced ‘Pushy’ people and less experienced ‘Quiet’ people often...

Team Building Companies

Change Leadership

Change Leadership : Individual   Leading the Impact of Change on the Individual Why?...

Conflict Management Workshop

Conflict Management

Conflict Management   Conflict Management Techniques Why? Conflict management is rather easy to get...

Fundamentals of Change

Fundamentals of Change

Fundamentals of Change Mapping the Major Features of Change Choosing Tactics for Change Why?...

Leadership Development Training

Leader Behaviour – Good Boss/Bad Boss ™

Leader Behaviour Good Boss/Bad Boss™ Why? We all carry inside us a clear understanding...

Leadership Development

Leadership Styles Lens ™

Leadership Styles Lens™ Leading & Learning Leading Individuals Why? With organsiation change there is...

Staff Motivation Programmes


Motivation Work Intersets Schedule Why? Everyone appreciates that the motivation of others is an...



Networking Establishing Your Practice Expanding Your Reach Why? The most successful general managers generate...