We are able to run a number of courses aimed towards a number of organisational issues. These include:

Communication: We explore different types of assertiveness such as push and pull styles. And why pushy people are typically experienced, in contrast to quiet people who may not be as experienced.

Change Leadership: We encourage individuals to lead the impact of change

Conflict Management: We explore a range of conflict management techniques. Subsequently, we feel this can easily implemented amongst employees as it is an easy to understand topics.

Fundamentals of Change: We work with your organisation to map the major features of change and help choose the tactics for change.

Leader Behaviour – Good Boss/Bad Boss TM : We explore the leadership behaviours of a good and bad boss. Furthermore, most of us have a clear understanding of what this looks like.

Leadership Styles Lens TM : We can help individuals in your organisation learn about leadership styles. As organisational change and leadership goes hand in hand.

Motivation: We believe that motivation goes perfectly with scheduling. As sufficient motivation is needed to tackle any sized workload. We work with your staff to help them become more motivated about their workload.

Networking: Networking is essential to expanding your businesses reach, gaining more projects and increasing income. We coach individuals on how to network effectively to help improving your bottom line.

Team Development

Team Building: Team building removes your team from a familiar and comfortable environment. And subsequently your team is forced to work together and communicate effectively to achieve one common goal. Vital skills required in your organisation. We can offer a variety of team building activities for your organisation. Helping your staff to really perform.


Communication   Assertiveness Push/Pull Styles Why? Experienced ‘Pushy’ people and less experienced ‘Quiet’ people...

Change Leadership

Change Leadership : Individual   Leading the Impact of Change on the Individual Why?...

Conflict Management

Conflict Management   Conflict Management Techniques Why? Conflict management is rather easy to get...

Fundamentals of Change

Fundamentals of Change Mapping the Major Features of Change Choosing Tactics for Change Why?...

Leader Behaviour – Good Boss/Bad Boss ™

Leader Behaviour Good Boss/Bad Boss™ Why? We all carry inside us a clear understanding...

Leadership Styles Lens ™

Leadership Styles Lens™ Leading & Learning Leading Individuals Why? With organsiation change there is...


Motivation Work Intersets Schedule Why? Everyone appreciates that the motivation of others is an...


Networking Establishing Your Practice Expanding Your Reach Why? The most successful general managers generate...

Team Building

Experiential Learning Team building removes the team from the familiar and comfortable, and plonks...