Establishing Your PracticeExpanding Your Reach
Why?The most successful general managers generate and use more network relationships to drive organisation change than their less successful peersBuilding networks, and deploying sound networking skills, form the foundation of connection power. Within organisations this is an underrated form of influence. It has rapidly grown in importance as the information age has gathered pace.

Wide personal networks provide the conduits to get things done, by crossing departmental boundaries or disputed organisation territories.

Personal networks make it easier to contact and locate the right people when we require help to tackle an organisation change project. Hence, networks promote innovation.

What?Networking is about building relationships beyond the current role. It is based on the belief that we can achieve more together than apart.Strengthening connection power requires the continual building and updating of personal networks. They not only generate connection power for you, they also generate connection power for other people in the network relationship.
How?Establishes a firm foundation for the development of networking skills.
Promotes networking as a career-long activity by addressing the:

  • Four stages of networking – unsurprisingly getting started and keeping things going present the greatest challenges.
  • Four networking types – ultimately, aiming to become one type is the focus of development.
  • Seven networking competencies and a means of measurement to develop networking ability.
Your personal network is unique. It is available only to you, the person who builds and maintains it. Your personal network is an extension of you.

Systematically covers techniques to strengthen your connection power:

  • Audit of current connection power by establishing current personal network
  • Understanding the complementary roles played by strong ties and weak ties; further use of the audit of current coonnection power
  • The essential role of bridge and bond in extending the reach of your personal network
  • How to grow your personal network: -Building strong ties around change projects (Bonding); the seven measures of interconnectedness – Building weak ties, to extend reach to new information or ideas (Bridging); organising yourself for personal networking
Workplace Applications
  • Increased resolution of intra-organisational problems; networking offers different channels
  • Greater flow of information across the organisation, particularly lateral communication
  • Access to different solutions, e.g. to a major organisation problem
  • Increased resolution of intra-organisational problems
  • Greater flow of information across the organisation (multi-directional)
  • Access to different solutions, e.g. to a major organisation problem, via strong ties
  • Lifts innovation via increasing the number of weak ties outside the organisation