Work Intersets Schedule
Why?Everyone appreciates that the motivation of others is an important component of leadership.

Unfortunately it is often not well understood. Towards the end of a motivation session the ops director of a cluster of manufacturing sites proclaimed, ‘”We spent £400k on empowerment training. It didn’t work. Now it is obvious why.”

What?Thanks to our good friends at MTS we can shine a light on an individual’smotivation via the Work Interests Schedule (WIS), devised by Emeritus Professor John Hunt, former Dean of London Business School.
How?Initially, participants complete the WIS questionnaire online and receive their profile in return. Experience informs us that participants welcome understanding the insights offered in an interactive manner.

We systematically build understanding of the participant’s profile using the six major goals of motivation, set against 30 years of data gathered by the Professor.

This is supported by a small number of activities that progressively move from understanding of the participant’s own WIS profile, to using the six goals to profile and coach others with the aim of enhancing their performance.

Workplace Applications
  • Practical motivation tool
  • Deeper insight into own motivation with reference to the managerial profile highlighted by the WIS database
  • Practical coaching advice to motivate others, potentially boosting job performance and satisfaction with role of self and others