Leader Behaviour – Good Boss/Bad Boss ™

Leader Behaviour
Good Boss/Bad Boss™
Why?We all carry inside us a clear understanding of what we want from our boss and, in contrast, what we do not want from our boss.
What?Good Boss/Bad Boss™ is a short activity that provides the would-be leader with an instant and practical set of leadership do’s and do not’s.
  • Job Focused
  • People Focused
  • Self Focused
  • Typically, participants conclude:
  • Positive Job Focused and People Focused behaviours are the preserve of the good boss
  • Negative Job Focused, negative People Focused, and Self Focused behaviours are the preserve of the bad boss.
Workplace Applications
  • A practical, self-generated grasp of good and bad leadership behaviour
  • Outcomes that can be described as ‘Do more of…’, ‘Do less of…’, or ‘Don’t do at all…’
  • Personal development plan for building strong good boss behaviours