Change Leadership

Change Leadership : Individual
 Leading the Impact of Change on the Individual
Why?During organisation change projects we often hear the sentence, “We need to win hearts and minds.”
This is indeed a bold ambition. Unfortunately, it is in the wrong order. The major assessment by the heart (emotion) takes place after the mind (information) has made sense of the proposed change and its real impact on the individual.
A simple truth is emphasised; if you want commitment to a change, you have to effectively handle this stuff. Otherwise, it can go horribly wrong.
What?The individual response to change has much in common with the bereavement cycle (Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle). This alone is enough to make even an experienced leader quail.
However, it can be translated into a straightforward approach for the business context.
How?Learning is based on the Personal Change Grid™ which has four phases:

  • Denial
  • Emotional Resistance
  • Testing
  • Acceptance & Commitment

Each of the DETA™ phases has a set of tactics to address them. Simple pro forma are introduced to encourage diagnosis and planning.
Now, let us address ‘the elephant in the room’, namely, how to effectively deal with Emotional Resistance. It is not easy, even for the most experienced of managers. Hence, extra time is devoted to explore how to handle effectively the emotions of individuals affected by organisation change.

Workplace Applications
  • Accurate matching of leader’s tactics to the needs of the individual
  • Increased probability of securing commitment of individuals to proposed change
  • Increased probability of achieving and sustaining a high level of effectiveness and efficiency post-change