Do you love your organisation and what it stands for?

There is a well known plan pushing the direction of the company

Do you love what you do?

Work doesn't take up more time than it needs to, there is a good balance

Does everyone know what the average value of your customers is?

Do you respect all management?

Our new starters pick up what to do very quickly as everything is mapped out very well

Do you love your team?

Roles and responsibilities here are very clear

Do you love your pay?

Your Results are...

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At work we should all be aiming at 100% for both Connection and Direction.
Connection and Direction are the core of what makes up a positive culture at work.
Connection is all about what bonds individuals to a company, the love, the emotion
Direction is all about having clear pathways and understanding goals and targets
Usually what we find is that Connection focus works against Direction focus so there needs to be a balanced approach to both.
  • 0-50% Weak
  • 51%-70% Medium
  • 71%-90% Strong
  • 91%-100% Very Strong

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