Does your company stick to a clearly defined business plan?

How organised are your company's systems and procedures?

How do you test and measure the performance of your business?

Do you feel you have the right balance between work and other activities?

Have steps been taken to ensure that key staff are retained?

Are you satisfied that systems are in place to ensure compliance with any significant external regulations such as health & safety?

Do you draw up and maintain a structured and costed marketing plan?

Is your company entirely paperless?

Do you know the average value of your customer?

Do you trust your teams implicity?

Your Results are...

Business Owner Health Checker


Teams is all about how much you can rely on your teams to perform without your, or anyone elses, influence. This is an essential part of being a business owner, as being able to focus on the next step and be out of the picture are key to surviving well.Remember a business leader should always be preparing the next leaders
The world has advanced and preparing your organisation for an even more competitive future, minimising cost and increasing process efficiency, is paramount. A good reflection of how you are doing is how much paper is still used in a work place. Business owners should all be on this journey to compete well in the future.
Business Continuity:
Being prepared for the unforseen and making sure there is a good focus to ensuring your business survives is a core indicator of how well your business is doing.
The balance of a business owner is essential and there are a few layers to this, however in this study we are merely looking at time balance and stress at home. Business owners should ensure clarity of mind by safe guarding down time.
Business Model:
The greatest businesses thrive on very clear models and processes. This is usually the last area a company gets right as it is seen as bureaucracy and tiresome, however if a business owner wants to step away and watch a business grow and develop there needs to be a strong Foundation on which to grow.
  • 0-25% Extremely Low
  • 26%-50% Low
  • 51%-75% Medium
  • 76%-100% High

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