The Change Consultancy: Bringing culture to consultancies

The Change Consultancy: Re-approaching the traditional method to organisational change

The Change Consultancy is a crew of ‘change astronauts’. They work tirelessly to explore the galaxy of change. Helping to bring this into simpler, more positive and controllable dimensions. Formed in 2016, the main focus was to re-approach the traditional approach to organisational change. With a plethora of material, the team were eventually able to create the world’s first culture implementation programme, Tribe365. Adding measurability to a previously unmeasurable topic.

The Change Consultancy prides its self on its forward-thinking approach. To that end, we define this as ‘Led Zeppelin’ and ‘Anarchic’. Which conversely, means to us that we always question our surroundings. Whilst being particularly fanatical about what we do!

Subsequently, all of our ‘astronauts’ are specialists in:

  • Ensuring there is a clear focus. People know what we are aiming for and how we can achieve this
  • Understanding individuals and getting the most out of each other
  • Supercharging and improving team performance

What is different about The Change Consultancy approach?

The Change Consultancy developed the world’s first culture implementation programme, Tribe365. Change Consultant Tom has been with this consultancy from the beginning. And furthermore, has contributed large amounts of relevant material to the development process. Subsequently, the entire team has been able to combine this with their own information. As a result, we’ve created something that can be measured. Where historically, this was not possible.

The Change Consultancy makes use of Tribe 365. The world’s first ‘off the shelf’ culture implementation programme

Tribe365 is the world’s first ‘off the shelf’ culture implementation programme. It allows global teams to create a focused and shared company culture, which can result in many advantages; Including better productivity, higher motivation and better staff performance.

In organisations, culture is forever changing. If culture within an organisation isn’t right, team performance can suffer. Moreover, only by balancing organisational culture can teams begin to work towards becoming highly focused and performing. As such, Tribe365 helps to bring the perfect cultural balance to organisations.

The focus of Tribe365 is to constantly monitor and evaluate connection and direction. And furthermore, regular diagnostics are performed to reveal where the ultimate focus is needed. This indicates where most attention is needed. In order to deliver the highest performance possible.

Specifically, organisations that take part in Tribe365 will complete three main modules:

  • DOT (directing our tribe): Helps set a single focused direction for organisations to target and work towards
  • COT (connecting our tribe): Ensures the connection between teams and people is well balanced
  • SOT (supercharging our tribe): Equipping the team to constantly evolve and perform to the best possible level

More focused conversations, less team conflict and better collaboration; just some of the advantages of Tribe365

After completing the Tribe365 programme, individuals within The Change Consultancy now understand each other better. And less conflict is occurring within the team. The team now feel that they now understand where they are heading. And are able to better collaborate in all areas of their work. The Change Consultancy feel that as a result of completing the Tribe365 process, they better understand how to market themselves digitally. And moreover, have cultivated the best perception as possible to potential clients. They have also been able to choose the most appropriate culture for their team. And furthermore, are able to have more focused conversations with clients.

What would Oliver Randall, Change Astronaut (Directing/Supercharging) at The Change Consultancy, say about the benefits of Tribe365?

“Being involved in the Tribe365 programme has allowed us to better develop as a team. As a result of the work we have done, we now understand each other better. Which moreover, has helped bring the team closer together. We also understand ourselves better. Allowing us to talk more fluently with potential clients. Everyone in the team understands each other’s strengths and weaknesses better. And ultimately, we have a firm idea of which direction we are heading in.”

Other services offered by The Change Consultancy include

  • Popcourses
  • Coaching
  • Consultancy
  • Team Building