Chetaru: High Performing Millennials

International digital agency Chetaru uses Tribe365 to develop high performing digital marketing team

Chetaru is an international digital agency with offices in both India and the UK. They are specialists in web, app and digital marketing services. Chetaru deliver the highest quality services, capitalising on an international team to deliver not only a high standard but also cost-effective work. Chetaru is a particularly interesting organisation as it maintains high quality international services whilst also maintaining a friendly and family-based feel.

Chetaru started the work with Tribe365 at the beginning of 2018 in order to facilitate future growth. Chetena Verma, CEO of Chetaru, states

“Tribe365 has managed to help us reach a shared understanding and connection between the two offices. This allows us to deliver the highest standard of work again and again that is consistent with our Chetaru brand.”

One of the teams to benefit from Tribe365 was digital marketing in the UK. The team was struggling with lack of focus, team work and poor ownership. Furthermore, the team tended to only experience optimal performance under the supervision of higher management.

Each Tribe365 module had a clear focus:

  • DOT: Setting of a clear focus
  • COT: Creating the right connections between team members and wider teams
  • SOT: Supercharging the team to constantly perform and evolve

Thus, teams started showcasing confidence and accepting full ownership of their work. Therefore, Tribe365 not only provided Chetaru with a better performing team and increased productivity but also provided Chetaru management the tools to capture live KPI’s of all the employees.

Tribe365 has acted as a large catalyst for change within the Digital Marketing team at Chetaru. The team is now performing at a much higher level, is more focused and confident. The team are now able to solve problems as a unit. Which has been achieved through the setting of daily KPIs. The team is now capable of supporting each other during times of need and can adjust their way of working to respond to either positive or negative performance. Overall, the rate of progress has been phenomenal for such a young team.

What would Tarun Sharma, Operations Director at Chetaru, say about the Tribe365 process?

“The Chetaru Digital Marketing team in the UK began with one member back in February 2017 which soon grew to 10 by January 2018. Problems that soon arose were that team members weren’t taking full ownership of their work or ensuring they were performing at their best. And considering the average age of the team was 22, this was hardly surprising. The Tribe365 process started at the beginning of 2018 and has had several benefits. It has helped team members recognise each other’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing the team to perform stronger as a unit. Tribe365 has shone a light on where changes have been needed and acted as a catalyst to bond the teams even further”.