Chetaru: High Performing Millennials

International digital agency Chetaru uses Tribe365 to develop high performing social media team

Chetaru: An international digital agency providing a friendly, efficient service and high standard results

Chetaru is an international digital agency with offices in both Indore, India and Darlington, UK. They are specialists in a range of web, app and digital marketing services. Chetaru provide a friendly and efficient service whilst also providing a high standard of work which uses the latest technologies. Chetaru believes it is these factors that have contributed to its success, experiencing impressive growth within the first five years of trading.

Tribe365. An ‘off the shelf’ culture implementation programme to develop focused and shared cultures within organisations

Tribe365 is the worlds first ‘off the shelf’ culture implementation programme. It aims to help create a focused and shared culture within teams, even international ones. There are a number of benefits here, such as better productivity, motivation and staff retention.

Within an organisation, culture rarely stays static. And when problems with culture develop, performance of a team is likely to suffer.

The Tribe365 programme develops focus, understanding and action to create the strongest possible culture within an organisation. To allow this, regular diagnostics take place to reveal where focus is required.

The Tribe365 programme requires the completion of three modules. DOT helps set a single focus for the whole of the organisation to work towards. COT ensures that the right connection is developed between teams and people within them. And SOT allows teams to constantly evolve and perform at the highest level.

Ultimately, the Tribe365 programme provides organisations with a number of tools that allow all staff to input. Eventually allowing organisations to perform at a much higher level.

Poor ownership of work, proactiveness and confidence just some of the issues experienced by the Chetaru social media team

A problem experienced by the social media team at Chetaru was that because of the young nature of the team, team members struggled to take full ownership of their work. Team meetings tended to be led by management rather than the team its self. And the team only appeared to perform at a high level when there was a director’s presence in the office. Overall, there was little proactiveness or confidence within the team before the Tribe365 process started.

What needed to happen as a result of completing the Tribe365 process?

There were a number of objectives Chetaru identified for the Tribe365 process. Including:

  • Working out what the social media team were trying to achieve
  • Better understanding both individuals and team as a whole
  • Helping the team become stronger by removing any reservations or shyness that existed within the team members
  • A constant focus on individual and team performance. As well as innovation
  • A better understanding of connection and direction so the team better understand where they are heading
  • Every team member being aware they are responsible for the success of the company

What was the result of the social media team at Chetaru completing the Tribe365 process?

Tribe365 has definitely acted as a large catalyst for change within the social media team at Chetaru. The team is now performing at a much higher level, is more focused and confident. The team are now able to solve problems as a unit. Which has been achieved through the setting of daily KPIs. The team is now capable of supporting each other during times of need and are able to adjust their way of working to respond to either positive or negative performance. Overall, for such a young team, the rate of progress has been impressive.

What would Oliver Randall, International Director at Chetaru, say about the Tribe365 process?

“The social media team at Chetaru began with one member back in February 2017 which soon grew to two by November. An immediate problem that became visible was that team members weren’t taking full ownership of their work. Which became even more amplified when new members joined in 2018. The Tribe365 process has had a number of benefits. It has helped team members become less shy and also recognise each other’s strengths, allowing the team to perform stronger as a unit. The setting of daily KPIs has also been responsible for this. Tribe365 has acted as a strong catalyst for driving these changes”.