Chetaru Bringing International Teams Together

Chetaru uses Tribe365 process to bring their international teams closer together

Chetaru is an international digital agency with offices in the UK and India. The co-working distance presents its self with certain challenges. Such as differences between culture and the way work is handled. As well as challenges with communication and getting the most from our staff. In an attempt to turn things around, they approached The Change Consultancy who recommended Tribe365. An ‘off the shelf’ culture implementation programme that brings fixed structure and support to developing and enhancing a focused and shared culture within teams globally.

Chetaru – Experts in Web, App and Digital Marketing

Chetaru is a global web, app and digital marketing agency with development teams based in Indore, India and project management, strategy and marketing teams based in the UK.

Founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Chetena and Tarun, the popularity of Chetaru has grown and grown. This is largely attributed to the fact that they are able to create affordable web solutions by locating its development team in India, whilst providing the highest level of client satisfaction through it’s UK project management team. Specifically, the business differentiates its self from similar companies by its incredibly quick turnarounds, thanks to its dedicated, hardworking and talented teams. Nevertheless, despite continued growth, Chetaru will always remain true to the values created back in 2010 on its formation.

Variation of culture between offices, particularly a strong avoidance of responsibility and ownership in India was causing problems with client interactions

Chetaru is an international business with offices in both Indore, India and Darlington, United Kingdom. The cultures between the offices tend to vary widely. In India, there tends to be a strong avoidance of responsibility and ownership. And as such, the frequency of passing things back to clients tends to be higher. Whereas in the UK, this is a lot less common.

The Change Consultancy recommended Tribe365. An ‘off the shelf’ culture implementation programme helping to work towards a focused and shared culture across global teams

The use of the Tribe365 dot map features many values. Including dynamic, solution focused and innovative. And across both offices, team members are continually checking themselves against this. In India, this has led to staff being able to take more ownership of their work. And has also resulted in more driven behaviour with colleagues and clients alike. As such, a harmony has developed between the two offices. Which means that staff can interlink more easily with one another regarding projects. And achieve high quality results. Co-working across two different countries can be challenging. However, Tribe365 has bridged this. Developing a more shared focus and better understanding of each member of the team. Tribe365 has allowed Chetaru to develop a shared vision for the company. Which the benefits of which ultimately pass down to clients too.

Services provided by Chetaru include:

  • Web design and development
  • Web hosting
  • eCommerce websites
  • Content management systems
  • iPhone, Android and iPad apps
  • Digital marketing. Including SEO, social media, copywriting, local search, analytics and PPC
  • Services for agencies. Such as design and development, social media, copywriting and project management

Would Chetaru recommend the Tribe365 process to international businesses wanting to bring their teams together?

“The work that we have completed with Tribe365 has given us a stronger idea of where we are heading as an organisation. As a result of this work, it became apparent that processes were not very clear for staff. And as such, we have been able to turn our attention to this. We also found out that improvements to communication could also be made and as such, we have also been able to make changes. As we are a growing company, our culture is constantly changing and as such, we are now much more aware of how to get the most out of our staff by providing the most suitable environment possible. Internationally, we have benefited from creating a shared direction (Purpose and DNA) and we anticipate completing further work for the connection and supercharging modules.”