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What is AIM?

07 April 2017

The Accelerating Implementation Methodology or AIM, is a change management framework for addressing organisational changes that will transform how your business operates. AIM is a practical, high-impact change process that ensures business-critical initiatives are implemented to achieve maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time.

One of the core tenets of AIM is recognising the difference between Installation and Implementation. It seems that while businesses don’t have much trouble installing their changes in a cost-effective and time-effective manner, they frequently fail to acclimatise their employees to these changes. Merely installing (getting the change up and running) isn’t enough to significantly change your business. Simply put, there is no change unless people change their behaviour.

Organisations can fight back by employing a repeatable process such as AIM. The methodology brings the same kind of discipline typically reserved for technical and business objectives to the human and cultural elements of a change. It is designed to mitigate the common risks and barriers for any size change from every-day processes to changes that are transformational in scope.

AIM is project management for the people side of change with deliverables, tools and measurement assessments designed to be laid on top of the project management structure already in place. From the planning stage all the way through to Return on Investment, AIM provides a theoretical approach to the people side of change. Are you ready to power your change with AIM?

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