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Tribe 365 – What is the Tribe?

11 December 2018

Humans, being social animals, like to congregate into groups. From the earliest nomadic hunters to the modern nation-state of today, we have always worked best in teams. Even now, finding common ground in a group of people can transform them into something far stronger than the individual. When we think of the earliest groups, what do we think of? We think of the tribes. Today, the term ‘tribe’ is somewhat controversial. Due to the legacy of colonialism, which tended to paint native groups as ‘backward’ to justify their conquest, the term isn’t used much in academic circles today. 

So What Do We Mean When We Talk About The Tribe?

Put simply, this is what we call an interconnected, highly motivated and optimised workforce, the dream of all business owners. They believe in your overall business goals, will put their best effort in time and time again and will focus on supercharging your company. Tribes, like any strong group, need a shared culture. This doesn’t mean they should all be the same: it means that they share at least one thing in common with each other: namely, the belief in the success of your company.

This is something that every company, big and small, needs to make them stand out and push the envelope of what’s possible. If you want to build the tribe in your own workplace, see if the Tribe 365 Programme can help with that.

What is Tribe 365?

If you want a team that’s always performing, 365 days a year, you should try Tribe 365. Through analysis, team building, monitoring and evaluation, we can turn your employees into a supercharged machine that knows exactly what it needs to do, when it needs to. Through the 3 core modules of Direction, Connection and Supercharging, the Tribe 365 programme can make your company work like never before.

Oliver Randall

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