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The Importance of Teamwork Throughout the Ages

04 December 2018

Ever since the first modern humans arrived on the scene, hundreds of thousands of years ago, we have valued the concept of teamwork. From organised groups of hunters, to the first settled villages and cities, to the rise and fall of empires around the world, there is always one common thread: the collective group was stronger than the lone wolf.

The earliest examples of society, organised around fertile river valleys, were already founding a more stable and stronger group than the nomadic hunter-gatherers we used to be. Hunting was a dangerous and risky activity, not just because of the risk of physical injury, but because your available quarry can vanish through overhunting and climate change.

Meanwhile, farming communities undertook the slow and steady path of domesticating plants and animals that could produce food right on your doorstep. With the creation of agriculture, the concept of teamwork became central to society. Farmers who made the food, scribes who counted and allotted the food, builders who used to earth and rock around them to build shelters, and leaders who chose what to do next wouldn’t be able to survive without each other.

Teamwork in Politics

Teamwork in the Workplace

With the creation of society comes politics. Politicians have been stereotyped as corrupt and greedy for millenia, but the strongest politicians – the ones who contributed to their country’s history – always made alliances. Alliances with foreign powers or other like-minded politicians. 

History is full of examples. The brief but impactful First Triumvirate of Rome, which expanded the Republic and put it on the path of future imperial glory. The Concert of Europe, which kept the peace (relatively speaking) in Europe for nearly 3 decades after the Napoleonic Wars. The Entente and Allies of WW1 and 2 managed to unite, despite their ideological and political differences, to defeat a common enemy. The Post-WW2 World is one of multilateral agreements; agreements like the European Union, the United Nations and the Commonwealth of Nations provided security and stability in an increasingly unstable world.

Teamwork in the Workplace

Workplaces that are capable of teamwork will always shine over a team that fracture at the slightest hurdle. If you want your team to unite and work as one, consider the Tribe 365 Programme. It’s a programme developed by us that allows your company to develop employees who are committed to your goals, motivated to do their best, and are able to buy in to your work culture.

Oliver Randall

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