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Same Stuff, Different Day: Getting Out of The Loop

13 November 2018

Wake Up, Work, Sleep, Repeat. Time for a Change?

Imagine a routine like this: waking up at the same time each day, having the same food and drink for breakfast, taking the same route to work, doing the same kind of work, and going home, probably just to go and partake in the same hobbies before going to bed, for years. I’m sure a lot of people have had this feeling in their career, or just life in general.

Variety is the spice of life, and routine is the starch. If you find yourself stuck in these mindless routines for too long, it can and will wear down your enthusiasm before long. People aren’t bred to be cubical monkeys, with nothing to look forward to. When it comes to getting out of these ‘Groundhog Day’ loops, there could be a whole host of solutions.

Get more out of work and life

One of the biggest chunks of work we’ve undertaken at The Change Consultancy is understanding culture. This may sound a little left field, but it isn’t. So, one of the most common reasons we work, if not the only, is we work for money. But, it can be so much more, it should be so much more. The same with life it can’t just be about survival, getting from one day to the next, it has to be more.

Within our studies we have found that culture is made up of two major components, with a load of sub components. If you get the two major components right, you’ll be a long way to getting more from work and life in general. The two major components Culture is made up of are Direction (What we are all aiming for) and Connection (What we all bring to the party).

A simple activity whether it is at home or at work of chatting and fixing down what you all want to achieve long, medium and on a daily basis is so effective to bringing about a shared understanding and de-fogging all the clutter that pollute a daily schedule. Aligning your daily activity to a shared long term status can work miracles. A renewed zest for life understanding why you are doing what you do, or even a renewed commitment to getting rid of anything that doesn’t contribute will enter your life and fuel the daily grind because it will all have a purpose.

Of course this is just the start of that journey and in addition to understanding purpose we have to understand where we fit in that and how others do to, which is slightly more complex but if you are curious head over to our Tribe365 page which outlines our digital culture implementation tool and should explain a bit more.

If you are feeling the drive of purpose but still things are missing there are other paths that might need to be explored. Remember our drive as people can be something more complex than simply talking it out and trying to reach somewhere and where things seem more complex professional activity should be explored.

Business Change Management

Consult your Doctor

While the lack of pleasure you feel in everyday life may not be simply resolved by the above it is always important to feel free to chat to someone experienced. There should never be anything other than understanding that life is tough and our brains are complex and we should always be having regular check ups on both our body and our brains to ensure we are working as well as we can. There is no good operating at 50% every day when you could take some time out and come back at 100%.

Try New Hobbies, Or Reintroduce Old Ones

As we get older, we tend to drop some hobbies that gave our life some spice; stuff like cycling, football, cricket, rugby, playing cards with our friends, specialist hobbies or other. Perhaps you ran out of energy to do these activities, or you just can’t find the time anymore. It is amazing how much sport/activities can help support a well balanced life. All of us should try and get involved in something, even in a volunteer capacity, just to make sure we keep some level of regular social activity outside home and work life.

Getting out of the loop requires a conscious effort to break up the routines you’re trapped in. While this sounds unpleasant, getting sucked into the rat race and losing hope is far worse, and will not only affect you but also those around you, it can sink companies as well as relationships. The most important things is to do something about it.

At The Change Consultancy, we’re focused on making company change a simple and understandable process. Check out our services page for further insights.

Oliver Randall

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