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Why Process Mapping is Important

30 October 2018
Process Mapping

Process mapping is one of those things that doesn’t seem very important until you need it. But when do you need it?

In companies with more than a handful of people, workflow processes involving multiple people can become complicated and difficult to understand. As work passes from one person to another who’s already mired in their own work, deadlines get stretched and workers forget to contribute, leading to a inefficient workforce in the long term. It can get worse when employees unrelated to the original work get dragged in, as it harms their production as well.

Is it possible to fix this before it gets out of hand? Yep, it’s called Process Mapping, and here’s how it works:

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Process mapping, as the name implies, creates a grand picture of your company’s structure and how work is processed within. If your workforce knows how a flowchart works (and you should hope they do), a process mapping document hung on the wall will work a lot quicker than some long-forgotten step-by-step guide or email.

Creating a Team

A well-made process map will involve everybody related to the process: from managers to the front-line workers. By consulting everybody and bringing them all together for this mapping project, you can build a real sense of camaraderie and community in your organisation, as people learn what their fellow workers can or can’t do for them.

Finding the Loose Bolt

In a lot of failed projects, it’s hard to find the part of the whole project where it started to fall apart. By narrowing things down to individual workers and processes, it’s easier to find where things have gone wrong and rectify them for good.

Optimisation and Efficiency

Through a well-made process map, you can identify redundant or unnecessary steps, establish how long a process should take, and who it should go to. By reducing the uncertainty and time wasted in individual processes, you can make sure that your projects stays on time and in budget.

In short, process mapping is the solder that puts the circuit board together, the caulk that prevents water damage and the screws that hold it all together: it may not seem important at first, but sooner or later you’ll need to use it. Process mapping is one of The Change Consultancy’s many services available to companies of every size looking to make a big change.

Oliver Randall

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