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Gathering Prospective Clients in A Competitive Climate

24 April 2018

In any start-up or SSB/MSB, finding new prospective clients can be a hassle, as a lot of you are competing in fields where more established and marketed businesses have the lion’s share of clients. However, it seems the days of having to go looking for your clients is over: these days, you’re more likely to find them stumbling onto your website looking for a specific service.

In the Internet age, it’s easier for customers to find your business by chance, rather than going for the most well-known businesses. But in order to capitalise on this, you need a powerful online presence that can compete and contrast with the big brands. One of the methods to improve this is to…

Appeal to a Niche Audience

Casting a wide net over a large demographic may seem like the reasonable thing to do, but it tends to dilute your approach as you have to appeal to all different types of people. Focusing on a specific audience helps narrow down your approach, allowing your brand to become distinct from the hundreds of me-too companies that try to please everyone.

Make Your Company The Alternative

Many companies like to stress how different they are from the competition, but they tend to be little things that don’t affect much – lower prices or deals are a common tactic. If you want your company to stand out, you need an entirely different company ethos: relaxed or professional?

Advertising that’s dry and fact-driven or humorous and charming, or even advertising that calls out the opposition? There are many methods to separate your company from your competition, but setting yourself up as an underdog or a real alternative is one of the best.

Provide free resources and media

Blogs, webinars, how-to guides, newsletters or free services tend to attract prospective clients quickly. When you send out a blog or webinar that’s designed to help people with their needs in that field, it sets you up as someone who isn’t just in it for the money to be made. Especially in an industry where freebies are rare, making this stuff can help foster a sense that your company is there to help people rather than profit off them. Pro Bono work, in particular, can be a better advertisement for your company than any banner ads.

We live in an environment where gaining prospects and leads is easier than it’s ever been: it’s time to harness it for your company.