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ERP, CRM and MA Software: Essential for Any Business

17 April 2018

Everyone who runs a business has to think about how they can attract new customers, right? Before the Internet became the go-to method for inquiring about products or services, people had to ring up or send a letter. Some pine for these simpler times, but it’s fair to say that the Internet and having better access to better computers have advantages of their own.

Customer relations in any business is extremely important, but without CRM (Customer Relationship Management) it quickly becomes a complete mess; sales staff fail to notify anyone about a potential lead or a customer willing to upgrade, a customer complaint gets shuffled around for days before it gets answered. You can only begin to imagine the bureaucratic mess that occurs in companies like these.

Not only is CRM useful for maintaining pre-existing customer relationships, it’s a valuable tool in pushing sales and maintaining an effective marketing campaign. CRM can be used to gather information on a demographic the company is pursuing and allowing the company to ‘segment’ demographics based on things like their current occupation, location, industry and other factors.
When used for increasing sales and analysing leads, CRM software becomes an essential part of the business and can help your company grow faster. A subset of CRM, designed to help manage marketing campaigns and automate repetitive parts of the PR/marketing process has been developed to make this process as painless as possible.

Managing a marketing campaign on its own, with no support from specialist software is a complete nightmare for many. How do you know who to target? Will your ads resonate with these groups? Are you updating your social media profiles often enough? The emails supposed to go out last night didn’t even get sent!

Integrating Marketing Automation (MA) software with your CRM will allow your business to further narrow down and improve its lead generation capabilities, with data from your CRM software feeding into your MA software, allowing for new marketing campaigns to be perfectly targeted at the ideal demographic. Your MA software will also allow you to see how successful your marketing campaigns are, allowing you to quickly make changes or shift gears for the campaign. They’ll also make marketing easier: repetitive tasks like email shots can be automated, and prospective leads can be funnelled through the system to ensure they receive relevant advertising and promotional material.

Alongside CRM software is Enterprise Resource Planning Software. ERP Software is mostly used by manufacturers to help maintain and improve their supply chains, delivery facilities, take stock of inventory, assisting with accounting and helping sales & marketing. ERP software is one of the biggest changes to the running and maintenance of businesses in the last 20 years and is practically essential to running a business efficiently.

When you integrate software like this into your company, you’ll see some amazing improvements in customer engagement, marketing, productivity and the eventual removal of inefficiencies within these areas. At the Change Consultancy, we’re excited about taking new technology, methods and workplace philosophy to reinvigorate companies and get them running at maximum efficiency in an age where change is fast and confusing.