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What is Accelerated Implementation Methodology?

12 February 2018
Conflict Management Workshop

AIM, or Accelerated Implementation Methodology is a framework for addressing organisational changes that will transform how your business operates. It takes the change process from planning all the way through installation, training and an eventual Return on Investment. Its main objective is to remove any barriers between the planning phase and a successful implementation, which can include things like costs, the time frame required as well as training and acclimatising employees to these changes.

It seems that while businesses don’t have much trouble implementing their changes in a cost-effective and time-effective manner, they frequently fail to acclimatise their employees to these changes, providing training that fails to indicate why these changes were made. In other cases, the employees regard their new equipment as inferior and as a result, their technique and behaviour doesn’t change, rendering the implementation almost pointless.

One of the core tenets of AIM is recognising the difference between Implementation and Installation. Merely installing these changes isn’t enough to significantly change your business: employees need to be willing and able to use it. That’s where Implementation comes in, when your employees are ready to use it. Sometimes it’s just employees unwilling to adopt this new technology, but there’s also the aspect of a business culture that doesn’t allow for a significant change in the equipment they use. See how many companies use an outdated Fax machine over emails or phone calls.

In short, AIM is the best way to make sense of how companies can install and implement changes, while taking into account potential pitfalls and errors that can result. Although any company change is a risky endeavour, AIM will allow you to adjust your plan in response to new changes and make the changes you need, your way. At the Change Consultancy, we’re excited about taking new technology, methods and workplace philosophy to reinvigorate companies and get them running at maximum efficiency in an age where change is fast and confusing.