Disability in the Workplace

14 August 2018
Contrary to many assumptions, disabled people comes in all stripes and shapes. Disabilities have long been seen as a fate worse than death for those affected: disabled veterans of both World Wars had trouble finding work after losing limbs or even parts of their face, with only primitive plastic surgery or prosthetics to replace them.

Workin’ 9 To 5: Should we Have Shorter Working Hours?

07 August 2018
A debate that has raged for decades now is whether the traditional 8-hour workday is appropriate for the modern office. We live in a world where a lot of office activity can be automated by computers, and yet we still work from morning to sunset, which can be especially draining in winter. Why is this

What Makes a Company Brand Valuable?

31 July 2018
Company branding is an essential part of modern life. We see it every day as we go to and from work, surrounded by advertising and company businesses, and they always leave an impression. When we see a large, thin, yellow M we know it’s McDonalds. When we see a silver, half eaten apple, we think

Reducing Your Organisation’s Carbon Footprint – Pros and Cons

24 July 2018
As of 2018, many organisations are still thinking about abandoning some old practices that can be realistically replaced with modern solutions, such as the elimination of waste paper, the use of solar panels or alternative energy sources and so on. Alongside these changes are encouragement for workers to get to work via alternative means: public

The Pros and Cons of Change in Large Organisations

17 July 2018
When you think about it, larger companies are the ones that can benefit the most from a radical change in how they do business. Moving headquarters to nations with more favourable tax practices, diversifying your products, expanding offices or opening regional branches are all part of expanding your business in large companies, but beyond this,

Potential Solutions for Conflicts In The Workplace

10 July 2018
Even when you have a laid-back and friendly workforce, you’ll inevitably find that some employees won’t get along with other employees for whatever reason. Maybe it’s a personality clash, disagreements in politics, or one of the employees is rude or abusive toward others. While dealing with the latter is a fairly clear-cut issue, the former
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