What is Accelerated Implementation Methodology?

AIM, or Accelerated Implementation Methodology is a framework for addressing organisational changes that will transform how your business operates. It takes the change process from planning all the way through installation, training and an eventual Return on Investment. Its main objective is to remove any barriers between the planning phase and a successful implementation, which

How to Engage with your Employees

Too often you’ll find that business owners have a distorted view of what constitutes and reinforces employee loyalty. Employees are to be ‘driven’ to results, under a culture of fear where a slight misstep will get your employment terminated, with all the negative effects that brings. This, in their minds, is the only thing that

What Makes a Good Leader?

You can find many examples of great leaders throughout history, with a different way of cultivating their reputation: Machiavellian dictators, enlightened monarchs, accountable presidents and prime ministers each have different reasons for why they wield the power, many of which don’t work in business but are adopted regardless by many. A good leader in business

Is Your Website GDPR-Compliant?

Data protection is one of the most important aspects of running and maintaining a website, as failing to meet the basic standards of it will merit legal action, as well as it being a key focus of users and clients. Until recently, most UK website owners have had to mainly worry about the 1998 Data

Using Internet of Things in Project Management

As a concept, IoT, or Internet of Things, is still far away from wide-scale consumer use yet it presents some amazing opportunities for consumers and businesses. For consumers, it means that just about everything in their home is connected to their phone, which acts as the remote control to all the house’s amenities and appliances.

The Effects of Brexit on the UK economy

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union was motivated by a number of factors: the perceived erosion of the UK’s sovereignty, anti-immigrant and Eurosceptic rhetoric from tabloids and right-wing politicians, not having to deal with the EU’s regulations on human rights, border control and funding and so on. Brexit is still a sore spot for
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