Internal and External Factors That Influence Organisational Change

22 May 2018
When you are considering organisational change for your company, there are several important factors that can throw a wrench into even the most meticulous plan. A lot of employers aren’t aware of internal problems that can affect a change plan, such as ineffective communication, poor morale among employees, staff hierarchy and other factors, and business

How Phones Have Reshaped the World

15 May 2018
With new technology comes rapid change in society: refrigeration, automobiles, aircraft, the Green Revolution, radio and television, computers, email, the World Wide Web. Without these technological advances, the world would’ve likely not evolved past the mid-19th Century politically, socially or technologically. In the 2010s, a new addition to that list has come: the smartphone. Due

How Do You Ask Customers For Their Feedback Properly?

08 May 2018
Unless your company is massive, you’re probably going to be relying on a small set of clients that come back on a frequent basis. For obvious reasons, you want to keep these clients or customers satisfied with your products or services, so they’ll keep coming back and won’t seek out the competition. However, correctly gauging

How Company Changes Can Affect Your Employees

01 May 2018
Your company may be growing or shrinking, and with that comes some changes. More staff recruitment, a merger or partnership with another company, a major effort at restructuring, all of these might happen to an expanding business. While it will eventually affect everyone working for the company, those in front line roles tend to get

Gathering Prospective Clients in A Competitive Climate

24 April 2018
In any start-up or SSB/MSB, finding new prospective clients can be a hassle, as a lot of you are competing in fields where more established and marketed businesses have the lion’s share of clients. However, it seems the days of having to go looking for your clients is over: these days, you’re more likely to

ERP, CRM and MA Software: Essential for Any Business

17 April 2018
Everyone who runs a business has to think about how they can attract new customers, right? Before the Internet became the go-to method for inquiring about products or services, people had to ring up or send a letter. Some pine for these simpler times, but it’s fair to say that the Internet and having better
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